Choose a Child to Sponsor for £60 a year

Baby-ChildrenWhen you join our sponsorship scheme and pledge just £5 per month, it helps to provide 500+ children with an excellent but affordable education. All your money goes out to Uganda and straight into the school fund where it is shared equally between all the children who are attending.  We also ask every child (except for a few special cases) to contribute a small amount themselves, so that they do not expect to rely totally on overseas donations

You can choose a child yourself from the children featured below and he/she will be pictured on the certificate you will receive. If you prefer not to choose, just take the child with the lowest school number as this usually means that for some reason, the child’s previous sponsor has dropped out of our scheme.

Keeping in touch with an individual child is not possible on our scheme (unless you actually go out to volunteer in Uganda) as this would involve high admin costs and also letters or presents would cause much rivalry between the children. However you can email or organise to send a booklet or poster suitable for a whole class to share.

We try our hardest to offer services that are open to benefit the whole village rather than individual children or families, and appreciate your understanding with this.

Please download an application form and on it you will find details of our charity bank account and where to email the completed form back to.

Click to Download the Sponsorship Application Form

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