Choose a child to Sponsor for £60 per year

Download a sponsorship application form here

If you are unable to print, fill in and scan this pdf file ready to email it back to us please just answer the questions in a plain email and send it back to: We will fill it in for you

Choose which child or children you would like to sponsor from the ‘looking for a sponsor’ category and we will save him/her as soon as we receive your email.

If you have a UK bank account the best way for us  to receive your payment is for you to set up a monthly or yearly standing order into our Uganda Lodge charity bank account. Don’t forget to add the childs school number and your surname as a reference. Your standing order can easily be set up through your online or telephone banking system or by visiting your local branch.

If this is difficult or you do not have a UK bank account, you may find it easier to donate a monthly or yearly fee using your ATM Bank Card online by using the DONATE BUTTON Please add your name plus the child/rens name and numbers in the Comments section and again email me back the application form.

Unlike some platforms BT only take a small commission from each payment and they also claim any Gift Aid if applicable.

We will transfer him/her to the “Waiting for Fees” category for a short while and when the money comes through to our bank, we will email you a Sponsorship Certificate as a small ‘Thankyou’  showing your childs name and photograph plus your own name.  We will again change the childs status as ‘Sponsored’

You have to set up the bank payments up yourself  as its a Standing Order and not a Direct Debit. If you are eligible we can claim UK  Gift Aid through our registered charity  “Uganda Lodge Community Projects”  Reg 1150023  

Please do not offer to choose a child that is ‘not currently attending our school’ category  as they have either completed their Primary Education  or have probably moved away and chosen to attend a different school

The system we operate at the school is that every new child who we accept will be given a school number and that number will never be given to a different child even if they leave. The younger ones would always be welcome back again – children change schools frequently in Uganda for many different reasons.

Except for a few ‘Special Cases’ (usually orphans) the children are all expected to make a small contribution towards the running of the school each term, as well as supply their own exercise books and pencils. Your sponsorship money does not actually go to an individual child – it all goes straight into this school fund, and is used towards salaries, breakfasts and all other costs associated with running a rural non-government school. However £5 per month does not cover all these expenses and also there are always children still available for sponsorship.

Once accepted, all children are treated the same,  regardless of whether they actually have a named sponsor or if their specific sponsor has stopped payments. Each child gets a full days schooling, a  free breakfast,  most of their text books, sports, games and craft equipment supplied,  and sometimes a free uniform generously donated from UK schools.   When there are volunteers staying at the Lodge, activities are organised for the children during the holidays.

To help prevent parents thinking that these “white foreigners” will provide every single thing for their children, members of the PTA decided each child should pay for external exams and bring their own pens and exercise books. They all get free treatment from our medical centre while they are at school. The PTA looks at cases of extreme hardship and we rarely send any children home or exclude them from school because of non-payments.

75% of our children are day students from nearby villages, and over 140 now sleep at the school, in the new boarding section that has been opened at the request of parents.  It happens that from time to time some children do not attend school but we are not always made aware of this back in the UK. Reasons vary – families may split up or parents and guardians become sick themselves and the children are sent away to other relatives in a distant part of Uganda – this  can be for just a few months, and we always  take these children back  without a new registration fee, when they return to the village.

Please understand that this can mean that occasionally the child shown against your name is not actually attending our school the school on a specific date.  However, you can be assured that all your money goes directly to the school fund in Uganda for the other children and Denis and the PTA oversee the week-to-week running expenses of  the school. Any cash left over goes towards upgrades and new build of classrooms and other facilities.

We have no paid staff to run this sponsorship scheme either here in the UK or in Uganda so all the admin is done by UK volunteers.


To avoid jealousy and other previously experienced problems,  we try our  hardest to be totally fair to ALL our children and discourage the giving of individual presents (or even letters) by sponsors and volunteers alike; at Christmas we try to give every child a small gift if we receive enough dfextra donations. On another occasion all children had a dental check-up and were given a toothbrush, 250 families have received an additional mosquito net, and occasionally  each of our children is given an item of clothing. The water project has given most of the day students a  clean fresh water supply close by their home, and our boarders all have new showers rather than bathing in a plastic basin as is the norm in these rural areas. All our children now have regular medical check-ups and in 2013 we opened our own village medical centre.

If you would like to send a letter please address it to the whole class rather than a specific child so that it can be read out to all the children. A poster is perhaps a good idea as it can be pinned up on the classroom wall.  Just say you are supporting their school, and tell them a little about your family and life in your country. You can send it as an attachment to and we will pass it on. If you add photos or pictures please make sure they are small in size because the internet connection in Ruhanga is very slow. We have a facebook page dedicated to the school  The mail service is very slow and ofter a fee is charged to collect anything from the PO Boxes out there.

I hope this information gives clarification about how we run our  “Sponsor A Child”  scheme and also explains how just £5 per month can actually make a difference – especially when comparing it to the sponsoring costs of some of the larger charities.

Please fill in the Child Sponsorship Application Form and post or  email it back to