Ruhanga Development School

Baby Class

The RUHANGA DEVELOPMENT NURSERY SCHOOL was built and opened in 2008 at the request of villagers in this rural area of SW Uganda, using money raised by volunteers and visitors staying at the nearby  Uganda Lodge

Before opening the school, we explained to parents of potential students that  although Mzungus (white people) had built the school they could not expect charity from us forever. Between us we agreed to keep the fees at a very low level, making no profit but just collecting enough money from sponsorship and the small fee to cover the teachers salaries & teaching aids etc. Very importantly a large mug of porridge is provided free for each child every morning for breakfast.  See some of our children here that are still looking for sponsors

New Uniforms and Breakfast Porrage

School Uniform

Numbers quickly rose and by the start of the new school year in 2009 there were over 40 students attending regularly. However as most families living in the surrounding hills are subsistence farmers there was little spare cash for the little ones school fees. We had been tending to run at a loss and Denis our Ugandan Director  plus myself  in the UK were subsidising  things by buying sacks of maize meal for the breakfasts, and sending out donated school uniforms or books and pencils  sourced from car boot sales and charity shops in the UK.

While I was out in Ruhanga over Easter 2010, I met with a young Canadian volunteer Kayla Rocca and she was very concerned over the number of young children that were living up in the nearby villages and still not attending school.  We did some research, asked some questions, and found that many families had 3 or 4 children between the ages of 3 and 7,  some were caring for orphans as well as their own children, and others were single Mums whose husband has passed away and they themselves were not in good health. They were  just struggling to grow enough beans and maize or matoke (a  green banana steamed and used as a vegetable) and provide  the children  with a small meal each day.

Two village Children

Kayla’s Kids

Kayla is a photographer and she took many emotive pictures of these village children   We decided to start a register and get a photographic record of  both youngsters who were already attending school but struggling to have their guardians pay their school fees, and others who had never before had the opportunity to  attend.

The results of this work is shown here on our website and you can see photos of  all the children including those who are still hoping to find a kind person to sponsor them for just £5 a month.

You can begin to sponsor a child by sending us a cheque for £60 for the year or setting up a standing order today…..

Details of our bank account are found on the application form here  Alternatively email for more  details and ask for an application form to be emailed to you. If you are able to sign the  Gift Aid form your donation will go even further.

UPDATED January 2018 Another 30+ children completed Primary 7 and all passed their leaving exams. You can see all the news from our school in our regular newsletters – and past ones are located on the blog on our main website

UPDATE December 2016   35 Children completed Primary 7 and we expect most of them to pass their PLE exams. If you were regularly sponsoring one of these children, we will automatically be giving you a new a younger child at the beginning of next term.

UPDATE August 2016    Scouts from our school troop came first (boys patrol) & second (girls) in the District Camping Competition out of 21 patrols. They are invoted to the National Camp in Kampala

UPDATE June 2016 This year we have over 500 children attending school each day – with 120 of them boarding during term-time. We have 10 levels of children from the Nursery Section through to Primary from 1 to 7  We  have the foundations in to build another two  classrooms as P3 and P4 each have over 80 students and two teachers in one classroom.

UPDATE Dec 2015  Our first group of 23 Primary 7 students sat the Government Primary Leaving Exams and we had 100% pass with 4 gaining Grade 1 and 17 gaining Grade 11. Congratulations went to all.

UPDATE  Feb 2015 We have rebuilt and updated the kitchen, built a timber store  and opened a Bursars Office plus a Headmasters Room.

UPDATE Sept 2014  Two new classrooms were converted and shower facilities built enabling a boarding section to be opened for older children, The sports field was enlarged and leveled and the dining shelter completed

UPDATE  February  2014 The school now has three Nursery Classes – Babies, Middle and Top and a Primary 6 class was opened so there are 6 levels of Primary education being offered.

UPDATE March 2013   We now have 450 children aged from 3 – 16 years age who are attending Ruhanga Deveopment  Nursery and Primary School. We have 10 different classrooms and, funds permitting, hope to build two more this year. We completed a purpose built on-site school kitchen and are now beginning to build a shelter for the children to protect them from both sun and rain while they eat their food.

UPDATE January 2012 We have two new classrooms completed bringing total to 9 plus a block of super new toilets for the girls and boys toilets are upgraded. Grass has grown and almosts covers the huge now level playing fields. A new headmaster has joined us together with several new members of staff. I cant wait to be back out there again and meet all the new children who are starting

UPDATE November 2011 Numbers have doubled over the past year and there are 250+ children registered at our school – many of who are now sponsored. However in January we are opening a Primary 3 Class plus we are expecting at least 50 new little ones to be following in their older brother and sisters footsteps and joining us. Please consider Christmas Sponsorship as a Gift and we will send you details of your child as soon as we receive their enrollment forms. Thankyou

UPDATE December 2010. At the end of term we had 145 children attending our school – with 25 of them still needing sponsors. (How about using one as a Christmas Gift to a loved one here?) Then I also have another 30 already who have filled in enrollment forms to start school after Christmas. Please help.

UPDATE July 10th 2010 – This week over  100  students attended our school every day, and now many of these are waiting urgently for sponsorship.  Please will you consider  giving less than the cost of   a cheap bottle of wine or one  packet of cigarettes a month to educate a child?