908_Isaaya Mugisha

908_Isaaya Mugisha P1 0063

Isaaya Mugisha is a boy who was  in P1 Class He was born on 20/4/10 He is not currently attending our school

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  • Kaya Bayram

    My son Kaya is 7 years old and doesn’t want a Christmas present from Santa this year. Last year he asked Santa to donate his present to someone who is not as lucky as him and has asked for the same again this year. He is making a £60 donation to sponsor another child for the year.

  • annmcc

    Hello and Happy Christmas. Lovely present for me to receive on Christmas morning :) I have saved Isaaya for you.
    I will now email Dad to see if he also wants to renew sponsorship for 768_Marvin which was your child from last year, Thankyou Kaya

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