577_Beneth Ainembabazi

577 Beneth Top

Beneth is a Girl who is in P2 Class.

She was born on 12/6/07 and she is looking for a new sponsor

5 comments to 577_Beneth Ainembabazi

  • Angelica Moss

    I would like to sponsor a child

  • annmcc

    Hi Angelica
    Thankyou for this I will send an application form for you to fill in and email back to us; it will also have our bank details on it and please add no 576 as a reference when you make your payment – Ann x

  • Nicola Harrison

    Hi, is anyone currently sponsoring Beneth?

  • annmcc

    Hi Nicola I have saved 790 Janat and 577 Beneth for you to sponsor – but not saved 788 Julian Thankyou Ann

  • annmcc

    Hello Nicola – As we have not received any further emails or payments from you should we be looking for a different sponsor?

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