419_Millen Nsimamukama

From Ruhanga Development Nursery and Primary School

Millen is in class P4 and she is not currently attending our school

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  • Zara

    I’d like to sponsor Millen.

    Would you able to contact me via email as I wish raise some money, but am looking for something specific the students may require for example equipment or clothing etc


  • annmcc

    Hello Lara
    Thankyou – I have sent you an appliation form and saved Millen for you.
    We are badly in need of more text books specific to the current Ugandan syllabus they are taking.
    At the moment they only have a few in each class. Talk to me first and we can probably also claim an extra 25% Gift Aid If you wished you can set up a page on http://www.mycharitypage.com

  • Amanda Key

    Hi I would like to sponsor Millen or another little girl if this is not possible. Please could you confirm how I go about this Many thanks Amanda

  • annmcc

    Hello I will email you direct about sponsoring one of our girls Thankyou ann@ugandalodge.com

  • annmcc

    Hello again Amanda, We have just one girl left from last years school intake – 387 Pronah – would you like to sponsor her or alternatively next week there will be many motre new ones added to our website as they have now began a new school year I have sent an application form for you to email back to me Many Thanks Ann

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