386_Darius Stuart Aijuka

386 Stuart P1

Darius Stuart  was born 21st March 2007. He is in P4 class and is sponsored by Patrick Eaton.

2 comments to 386_Darius Stuart Aijuka

  • Suzie

    Hi Anne

    Hope you had a good Christmas.

    I’d now like to sponsor 386_Darius at £5 per month.

    If you can send me the relevant forms to get to the payment set up and I’ll arrange for it to come out of my bank account on 1st of each month.

    Thanks and happy new year.


  • annmcc

    Hello Suzie, Thankyou for keeping in touch and requesting to sponsor Darius. As ytou already sponsor you do not need to fill in another form so please change your standing order to request your new payments Thankyou Ann

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