371_ Daisy Nsimenta

From Ruhanga Development Nursery and Primary School

Daisy is in Baby class. She was born 30th November 2008.  Daisy is currently not attending school.

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  • Hello

    I am very interested in sponsoring Daisy Nsimenta. The sponsorship would be under the name of Chelsie Bennett. She is my niece, who will soon be 21. She is very interested in becoming an aid worker herself in the future and we couldn’t, as a family, think of a more apt gift to her on her 21st Birthday than to sponsor a child. She will be totally over the moon. If you could email me back with all details that I require to set up sponsorship. Thank you very much.

    Mrs Laura Cropp

  • annmcc

    Hello Thankyou for sending payments for sponsoring Daisy, on behalf of your niece Chelsie. I have added her name to the website Ann

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